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18/03/2021 : Practical Exam. Programme of UG 2nd Sem. 2020

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13/10/2014 : Walk-in-Interview 2014

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12/10/2014 : Test Tender

19/11/2014 : Quotation Call for procurement of Equipement for the PG Department of Industrial Chemistry

19/11/2014 : Quotation Call for Procurement of Equipment for the Department of Chemistry

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PG Rules And Regulations



The post –graduate course in Arts/Science/commerce of the M.P.C.(Autonomous) College, Takhatpur,Baripada shall spread over two consecutive years with four semesters leading to the award of Master Degree in Arts/Science/Commerce by the North Orissa University,Takhatpur, Baripada.

The final result whether passed or failed of a student taking admission into the course shall be decide or declared on the completion of the course after the second year on the basis of his/her marks secured in all semester(I,II,III&IV) examinations held during first and second year of the course.Though it is a course of two years of his/her admission to the P.G Course after which he/she will not to be allowed to take the examination.

Admission to the Courses:

  • Any student who has passed the Bachelor’s Degree Examination from any recognized University/Autonomous College securing atlest 40% marks in aggregate and the subject separate by may be admitted to the first year of the course on merit basis and as per the rules and regulation of the Govt.
  • The admission to the P.G Courses shall be completed within four weeks of the re-opening of the college after summer vacation or within six weeks after the publication of result of the Bachelor’s Degree Examination of M.P.C. (Auto) college and N.O.U. Takhtpur,Baripada whichever is later.
  • Admission to the second year of the course hereafter referred to as P.G. part-II, shall be made within four weeks from the date of re-opening of the college after the summer vacation or immediately after the P.G. part-I examination whichever is later.
  • A student taking admission into the M.A/M.Com. course shall be examined for 250 marks in each semester and for M.Sc. course ,the total marks shall be 300 in each semester.
  • The son/daughter/spouse of Govt. servant on transfer can be admitted on transfer basis to P.G classes from other Universities/Autonomous colleges subject to minimum eligibility criteria prescribed in the prospectus for the related academic session.
  • Students of the other universities/autonomous colleges can be admitted to P.G part-I or part-II class of the college on transfer basis provided that a similar course pattern was being pursued in their parent institutions. The similarity of the course shall be examined by the curriculum Development committee of M.P.C. (Auto) college.
  • Admission on transfer basis, on what- so-ever ground it may be will not be allowed after 31 st August of an academic year. College transfer is possible only from those colleges where semester pattern of study is being taught. For the purpose of admission on transfer basis,the student concerned shall have to produce the following documents.
  1. Xerox copy of the pattern of course of his/her parent college.
  2. A continuing certificate in case of P.G. part-I or certificate of completion of part-I course of mark-list of semester examination in case of P.G. part-II students.

Number & duration of Classes:

The number of theory classes of each semester per week shall comprise 3 (three) periods per theory paper and each such lecture period shall be of 50 minutes duration. The duration of a practical class shall be 200 minutes (four periods) and there shall be three such classes per week for each semester.


A student shall have to attend atleast 75% of lectures in theory/practical classes taken separately during an academic year. However, in exception cases, the principal may condone the shortage of attendance to the extent of 15%. In addition, the principal may condone the shortage of attendance to the extra of 5% more in respect of students who have represented the college/university/state in National or International Competitions.


A student admitted into any class of the P.G. course passing or migration from other University/Autonomous college shall have to register himself/herself as a student of N.O.U. before his/her first appearance in the P.G. Examination conducted by this college on payment of requisite fees.

Admission to the Examination:

  1. The two-year P.G course shall have four (4) semester Examinations i.e. 1st and 2nd semester Examinations in first year and 3rd and 4th in the second year.
  2. A student may be admitted to different semester Examinations by filling in the prescribed application from and depositing requisite fee during his/her regular course of study, if he/she:-
    • has completed a regular course of study for not less than 90 working days for each semester .
    • has sastisfied the requirement of attendance as laid down
  3. Filling up of Application From for each semester examination is mandatory.
  4. A student may be admitted to the repeat Examination of any semester as per the eligibility criteria provided in the Regulation 11-1 to 11-4, on payment of requisite fees.

Duration & Conduct of Examination:

Tentative dates for different examinations:

  • Semester I & III-Nov. 4th week/December 1st week
  • Semester II & IV-April 1st week
  1. The duration of theory & practical examination shall be as follows:
  2. Theory 50 Marks 2.5 hours
    50/100Marks 06 hours
  3. The question papers in theory examination shall contain alternative question for each unit of the course of studies prescribed by the Academic Council of the college.
  4. The candidate has to submit their dissertation for evaluation before commencement of the semester examination. A viva test may be conducted.
  5. P.G. students are not allowed to answer questions in any language other than English.

Pass Marks:

  1. A student will be declared to have passed the P.G. Examination if he/she secures a minimum of 36% of marks in aggregate of all of all the theory papers and 40% in seminar papers of all semester Examinations Arts and Commerce stream.
  2. A minimum of 36% of marks in aggregate of all theory papers, 40% marks in aggregate of all practical papers of all semester examination having practical component.
  3. There shall be no minimum pass marks in any paper of the P.G. Examinations. If, however, in any paper a candidate secures less than 30% of marks, those marks shall not be included while computing the aggregate marks.
  4. Absence of a student in paper(s) of any semester Examination shall render the student concerned in –eligible for the award of the Degree.
  5. The marks secured by a student I & II semester Examinations migrating from another University/Autonomous college in the second year of the P.G. course shall be carried over and treated as the marks of M.P.C. (Auto) college provided that he/she comes under the Regulations as laid down in 7.41 & 7.42.

Publication of Results:

  1. Ordinarily the results of P.G. semester Examinations shall be published within 60 days from the date of completion of the examination. A student appearing at the semester I,II & III Examinations will be issued only with a statement of marks secured by him/her for reference. At the end of the IV semester Examination, a consolidated mark sheet of all semester Examination showing the year of admission to the course shall be issued to the candidate. Provisional pass certificates shall also be issued to the successful candidates by M.P.C. (Auto) college, Baripada.
  2. The controller of Examination of M.P.C. (Auto) college shall publish a list of successful candidates based on the marks of all semester Examination after the same is passed by the Board of conducting Examinations of the college and approved by the Vice-chaceller North Orissa University within the stipulated period as mentioned in regulations 10.1.
  3. The list of candidate who pass in First Class in a particular subject shall be arranged in order of merit and the list of all other successful candidates of the subject shall be arranged according to their Roll No.
  4. Each successful candidate in the P.G. Examination shall receive a diploma for Master in Arts/Commerce in the prescribed proforma duly signed by the Vice-Chancellor, North Orissa University on payment of requisite fees.
  5. The class which candidate obtains in P.G. Examination shall be based on the sum total of the marks he/she secures in all semester Examination subject to fulfillment of criteria as laid down in 9.1 to 9.5.
  6. A successful candidate who secures 60% or more marks in the aggregate shall be declared to have pass in First Class.
  7. A successful candidate who secures 48% of marks or above in aggregate but less than 60% shall be declared to have passed in second class.
  8. A successful student who secures 36% of marks or above in aggregate but less than 48% of marks shall be declared to have passed in Third Class.

Repeat Examination:

  1. A student securing 30% of marks or above in theory paper(s) and 40% of marks or above in practical paper(s) in any semester Examination shall be allowed to repeat the paper(s) for improvement of the result once only within two years of passing the concerned paper(s). But ,such privilege shall not be extended beyond four academic session from the year of admission.
  2. A student securing less than 30% of marks in theory paper(s) and 40% of marks in practical/seminar paper(s) of any semester Examination shall be treated as failed in those paper(s) and those marks shall not included while computing the aggregate marks. Such student shall be allowed to re-appear in the failed paper(s) within four Academic year of his/her admission to the P.G Course.
  3. The above categories of students shall be admitted to the particular semester Examination to be named as ‘REPEAT EXAMINATION’ which will be conducted along with the regular student/regular examination.
  4. No student shall be allowed to repeat any paper(s) of any semester Examination(s) for improvement of the result if he/she has secured less than 30% of marks in theory paper(s) & 40% of marks in practical paper(s).
  5. The name of the candidates availing themselves of the benefits of repeat examination shall not be included in the merit list in the final publication of result.